ADAS 360

Safelite AutoGlass

Safelite wanted to showcase their industry-leading Automated Driving recalibration technology, and looked to Spacejunk to create a video that delivered their message while also pushing their creative boundaries. The final concept direction involved a complex 360° “bullet-time” shoot with talent and putting them in full CG environments in post-production.

Every stage of the process had to be planned out and visualized before it went into production. That included a heavy R&D period where we created full CG tests of the spot, developed the CG environments, and educated ourselves on the intricacies of a bullet-time shoot. We captured all of the footage in a 2-day shoot. We then took all of the shots into post, where each frame was cut out and stabilized before finally going into final compositing and color correction.

We used 120 DSLR cameras in a 180° arc, all firing at the same time to capture the “moment frozen in time.”

Director: Karl Hein
Producer: Richard Charney
Production Asst.: Nick Lantz
Production Asst.: Sam Thompson
DP: Brent Jackson
1st AC: Mitch Martinez
2nd ACs: Rob Lakis, Umair Jangda
Key Grips: Dean Hayashi, David Jefferies
Best Boy Grip: Jason Thompson
Gaffer: Jason Perkins
Best Boy Electric: Jerod Nawrocki
Wardrobe Stylist: Christine Lee
H/MU: Jennifer Walker
Prod. Designer: Alexis Schuknecht
Technical Director: Brian Finney
Rotoscoping: Trace VFX
3D Artists: Karl Hein, Jeremy Patterson, John Peterson

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