Label Designs

Wolf's Ridge Brewing

After designing Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s specialty labels for the better part of four years, they approached Spacejunk to help them redesign their full line of packaging to allow more speed and flexibility when creating new and limited-run beers. They also wanted to maintain a strong and eye-catching brand presence on store shelves, as they were beginning to distribute further outside of the Columbus region where they’re well known.

The main goal of the designs was to allow the internal WRB team to create and modify beer labels in-house. So I set about creating a template that would work well for their wide range of beers (~25 at the time of the project) while also being easy enough to navigate that a non-professional designer could work with the Illustrator files.

The designs had to be “simple,” with large blocks of type and minimal need for additional graphics. The team at WRB is deeply connected to the Columbus community, so showing that connection was very important. Another part of their history is their name actually comes from the old name for this area of Ohio. So, the main (and oftentimes only) graphic, outside of the logo, is a custom topographic map of Columbus, to tie into the history and location of where WRB is located.


Client: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
Art Director: Karl Hein
Designer: Christine Lee
3D Artists: Dan Hildebrand, Karl Hein

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