Point-to-Point // Loctite

Point-to-Point wanted to showcase their new PLPM Construction Adhesive by putting it in real-world (and slightly exaggerated) situations. The client’s concept was to have this all take place on an active construction site. But with the timeline and weather being an issue, we decided on a VFX approach, compositing in all of the necessary elements in post—including full backgrounds, weather effects, extras, and graphics.

Practical rain rig

Director: Karl Hein
Producer: Christa Cox
Technical Director: Brian Finney
Line Producer: Tami Jones
DP: Ray Rushing
AC: Cory Nabor
Gaffer: Danny Wollenberg
Key Grip: Dean Hayashi
Wardrobe: Christine Lee
PA: Paul Smith
Editor: Kurt Keaner
VFX Artists: Brian Finney, Karl Hein, Liz Martin
Color: Kurt Keaner
Sound Design: Kody Orris

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