Scoreboard Graphics Redesign

The Cleveland Indians

With (at the time) the biggest MLB scoreboard being installed in their stadium, the Cleveland Indians approached us to completely overhaul the design and animation of their in-stadium program.

Our team did an in-depth analysis at the information hierarchy of the scoreboard, taking into account what the people in the stadium needed to see, wanted to see, and would be nice if they saw.

Previous Design // Proposed Design

Previous Design // Proposed Design

From there, we developed an updated graphic look for all of the in-stadium materials including bumpers, big play graphics, and player intros. To manage the huge amount of animation this project took, we developed a custom animation template that could be share between artist easily. This kept all of the graphics consistent, no matter which artist was working on the project at that time. All in all, this was an amazing project to work on, especially for the Indians fans in the studio. Go Tribe!

Final Scoreboard Stringout

Additional Graphics

Director: Karl Hein
Producer: Richard Charney
Designer: Karl Hein
Animators: Steve Tharp, Marco Cardenas, Morgan James, Josh Studabaker, Jeremy Patterson

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