Spotlight Series


Airstream wanted to completely refresh their Spotlight Series of videos, which walk viewers through the various models that Airstream makes. As much as we all loved the idea of road-tripping in Airstreams to wide open spaces, the budget and the timeline didn’t allow for that (plus, logistically it would have been a nightmare). Spacejunk chose to instead shoot all of the trailers in a studio environment, then compositing them into various environments in post-production. This allowed for flexibility and efficiency throughout the shoot, allowing us to shoot ten trailers in 2 weeks.

My role in the production was to oversee the VFX integration as well as the design and animation of the supers. In total, we created three different matte paintings to place the trailers in—a painted desert at sunset, oceanside along the west coast, and deep in the forests of Appalachia. These environments were used for not just the wide shots of the exteriors, but out the windows as we tour the inside as well.

Case Study

Directors: Brent Jackson & Karl Hein
Producers: Christa Cox, Andy Murphy-Young
VFX Supervisor: Brian Finney
DP: Jason Hambach
1st AC: Todd Tobles
Gaffer: Jared Green
Key Grip: Brad Keplinger
Prod. Coordinator: Isabella Silveira
Prod. Assistant: Savannah McGraw
Editor: Xavier McAllister
VFX Artist: Liz Martin
Animators: John Peterson. Benson Treinen
Color: Xavier McAllister
Audio: Kody Orris

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