OH SO SMOODH w/ Varun Dawan

Parle Agro

After launching a successful campaign for Smoodh with Varun Dhawan as their spokesperson, Parle Agro wanted to update the spot with a more realistic looking (while still stylized) room for the Coffee Frappe scene that fit better with the other two rooms.

Because the two practical sets used a combination of recognizable food items (chocolate bars and caramel squares) combined with one or two more “fantastical” elements (the Seussian trees), I opted to keep with this theme for the new environment, choosing to showcase coffee beans as well as more fantastical, café-inspired elements.

For more dynamics in the space, I created two fluid simulations (the “lazy river” with floating beans and the coffee pour) to relate back to the one in the Chocolate Milk room. The lazy river was created using a few different mesh deformations as well as some dynamics “fakery” on the floating coffee beans. The coffee pour was created with a combination of a more traditional fluid simulation as well as a very art-directable ripple effect in Houdini.





Client: Parle Agro | Smoodh
Agency: &Walsh
Post: DI Post
Director: John Poliquin
Producer: Colin Minihan
3D Animation: Tony Copolillo | Karl Hein
Compositing: Tony Copolillo | Karl Hein

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