We Know You By Heart

Brand Innovation Group | Goshen Heart & Vascular Center

For this broadcast commercial, Brand Innovation Group wanted to reflect the current out-of-home marketing campaign, which centered around various origami hearts. We decided on a 3D pipeline, as it gave us much more flexibility to art direct every aspect of the piece including paper textures and colors, lighting, and pacing/tempo that would have been very difficult to do in a live-action/stop-motion setting.

We began practically, figuring out how to fold an origami heart in the real-world in order to translate that motion into our 3D scene.

To add to the stop-motion effect we were looking to achieve, we created several different variations on our 3D heart model with different imperfections to cycle through.

All of the textures were based on custom samples photographed and converted in-house. Again, this gave the client as much flexibility to change or update the hearts as necessary.

Director: Karl Hein
Producer: Juliet Otoya
3D Modeler: Liz Martin
3D Animator: Dan Hildebrand
Texture Photographer: Brent Jackson
Texture Artist: Karl Hein
Compositor: Liz Martin
Sound Design: Kody Orris

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