Storytellers Series

Wolf's Ridge Brewing

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing wanted to start producing more social content to promote not just their beers, but some of the stories behind the beers. From this, I developed the WRB Storytellers Series, with each video showcasing a member of the staff talking in-depth and improvisationally about their favorite aspects of the restaurant or brewery.

The biggest challenge for this series was the budget. With only a limited amount of hours we could spend, we had to develop a system for these videos that could be executed quickly and efficiently. We landed on a very crude, cutout stop-motion style—heavily influenced by shows like Tom Goes to the Mayor. We quickly became well-acquainted with Photoshop’s “Select Subject” tool, and created an FX preset for After Effects that handled all of the character styling.

Director: Karl Hein
Producer: Mike Gillespie
Designer: Audrey Stemen
Animators: Karl Hein, Audrey Stemen
Audio Engineer: Kody Orris
Photographer: Justin Havey

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