Cash4Life: Rabbits

Hoosier Lottery

Word Industries approached Spacejunk to oversee the post-production on their television spot for the Hoosier Lottery. This included animating and compositing a slew of 3D rabbits, shot cleanup, editorial, animation, and color grading. As post-supervisor, I worked closely with the animators to develop how the 3D rabbits would be integrated. I was also responsible for overseeing the final edit and color grade.


Early development of the rabbit animation
Camera/composiiton test
Render tests using custom 360° HDRI environmental lighting

Agency: Word Industries
Director: Ross Simpson
VFX Supervisors: Karl Hein, Brian Finney
Producer: Amanda Flannery
Editor: Xavier McAllister
VFX Artists: Joey Judkins, Alex Trimpe
Color: Kurt Keaner
Sound Design: Kody Orris

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