Nationwide: Express Mobile App

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide approached Spacejunk to help them with the experience and design their new Express mobile quoting app. During the process, we were to work closely with their internal development team, who would be overseeing the final development and deployment of the app.

As director on this project, I was responsible for overseeing the initial creative concepting of the look of the application, then the development of all of the design and animation assets, and finally I was charged with writing and directing the overview video that accompanied the app at launch.

The app made full use of both the Lottie framework as well as the BodyMovin’ extension for After Effects. We were able to integrate ultra-lightweight animation into the app to enhance the user experience.

Client: Nationwide Insurance
Director: Karl Hein
Producer: Juliet Otoya
Designers: Brandon Mullins, Alex Webb
Animators: Karl Hein, David Rosmarin, Jonny Sidlo
Sound Design: Kody Orris
Final Video Delivery/QC: Justin Havey

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